Open Source Contributions


OkHttp is a well known HTTP + HTTP/2 client for Android and Java based systems.

Implemented prior knowledge approach to H2C

February 26, 2018

Prior to this change, the client lacked support for the cleartext solution for HTTP/2. This made it difficult to build out a performant, transparent TLS solution via a service mesh. I noticed some earlier attempts to this change and figured there had to be a simpler way. The RFC for HTTP/2 contains a section on starting a cleartext connection using prior knowledge. Using this approach, I was easily able to add the functionality into the OkHttp library.


OpenGrok is a fast and usable source code search and cross reference engine

Added support for paginating the JSONSearchServlet

August 2, 2017

Prior to this change, the JSONSearchServlet did not support paginating requests. As your company grows, your code tends to grow along with it. OpenGrok makes it easy to search across your entire code base. Now, you can write tooling and process appropriately sized pages with this change.